Carole Marchais - portrait de Achille Mareel

Carole Marchais

May 28th to November 1st 2020

Visual Arts


As a visual art sculptor, Carole Marchais’ artistic approach is influenced by an initial training in geology and in layout. She has a certain sensitivity for materials, relationship with space, and a view on our daily surroundings, where "nature" and plants are preponderant. She mainly creates installations, most of the time ephemeral, and besides that she creates compositions. Her works are characterized by simple, graphic, often aerial shapes, combining both geometric and organic styles. Her nomadic work is inseparable from a process of discovery and encounters, and results from an interaction between the environment in which she intervenes and a questioning of the notions of fragility, connection, transition, impermanence and resilience. Creation of the exhibition "AILLEURS" in collaboration with Benoit Hapiot for La citadelle de Brouage in 2020 in partnership with the Centre Intermondes.