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The purpose of the Centre Intermondes is to question the issues that contemporary creation faces today: “Who creates, for what purpose and for what audience?”. Based on a collective analysis that can take many forms (conferences, discussions, debates, etc…), The Centre Intermondes wants to maintain a constant exchange between cultural actors and artists. Hence, the Centre Intermondes has two objectives: gathering artists with the means of creation proposals and collective thought; feeding these reflections thanks to exchanges from “outside”. This “outside imperative” is developed through the organization of meetings and residency programs with foreign and national artists. The association Intermondes implements this project, which was founded on July 2003 by the historian Guy Martinière, under the impulsion of the sociologist Jean Duvignaud “Through the reflection of working groups, debates with artists, meetings between creators and the public, the aim is to revitalize a permanent process of questioning, essential for the existence of democracy.” The Centre Intermondes develops its activities around international, cultural and artistic exchanges in particular by welcoming foreign artists. Since its foundation, more than 350 artists from over 50 different countries have been welcomed. These exchanges can take various forms: – Artist-in-residence programs: Artists from all disciplines are welcomed from 2 weeks up to 3 months in our private live-work spaces. – Workshops and meetings: the invited artists can animate workshops and meetings with other local artists, schools and residents of La Rochelle and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. – Cultural and artistic events with meetings and conferences on topics such as creation, cultural policy, carte blanche given to artists and cultural actors, colloquiums etc… Moreover, the Centre also takes part in two cultural events called « Years » or « Seasons » organised by the Institut français and The French Ministry of Culture. In parallel, the Centre supports local artists who want to participate in artist-in-residence programs abroad.

The Centre Intermondes by Guy Martinière

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Members of the board

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The Centre Intermondes is located in the city center of La Rochelle (11 bis rue des Augustins). All the buildings and equipment, one of which is the historical House Henry II or Hugues Pontard Mansion, are made available by the City Hall of La Rochelle.

The residency : The Centre Intermondes provides 3 fully equipped private bedrooms, with a Wi-Fi connection. The artists-in-residence share the remainder of the residency: a fully equipped kitchen and small courtyard.

Working spaces : The Centre Intermondes provides 3 working spaces :

- « The Gallery » (downstairs): the space of 90m2 can host up to 60 people seated, and 90 people standing. The Gallery can welcome exhibitions as well as conferences, workshops, performances, screenings… A range of technical equipment is at the disposal of the artists-in-residence (sound, light, video projector, screen). The space can be equipped with black curtain stage (on demand).

- « The Salle Rouge » (1st floor): the room of 30m2 can host up to 19 people seated. Mainly used as a meeting room and a workshop, The Salle Rouge can also welcome exhibitions. The room can be technically equipped (screen and projector, on demand)

- «The Workshop of the House Henry II »: a space of 10m2 mainly used as a workshop for visual artists and writers.

The artists have 24-hour access to the working spaces. According to their projects, artists may work « outdoor » with cultural, educational partners of Intermondes

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